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    Our AI works for you 24/7. Meaning that you are able to keep in contact with your leads around the clock. Our AI can even automate your entire sales process in some cases. Our mission is to BUY you TIME by allowing you to focus on expanding and growing your company.

    Tailored To Your Product.

    We do the hard work for you and train the AI to be your ultimate business assistant.

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    Done For You Service

    • We supply and build the AI bot to your niche / industry
    • We integrate the AI into your business. *as long as your CRM is able to.
    • We have conducted hours of market research to understand customer psychology, prompting our AI to get the best responses and also follow up at the perfect times.
    • Watch your contact rates and sales sky rocket using powerful technology 🚀.

    Tons of successful implementations

    • Businesses across the UK are already leveraging AI to help qualify and nurture their customers. Stay ahead of the curve and implement AI into your business today.
    • If you have any further questions or would like a demo to how this could work for you business, simply get in touch using the form below!
    "DigiFlow’s AI has been a gamechanger within our business. We have gone from averaging a 30% contact rate from our leads to 55% within 3 weeks of using DigiFlow, big thanks to Seb and the team for helping us reach this point."
    RMGM Ltd

    About us

    DigiFlow uses the latest AI technology to help run aspects of your company on autopilot.

    Our Mission

    We’re a team of creative and experienced developers. We have created this AI to work for you. Why choose DigiFlow as your next AI employee?

    Frequently asked Questions

    As a team, we work with you to gain all the relevant information in regards to your company and the products / services you offer. From this we then build the AI bot for you that will also learn and update over time as it becomes more familiar with your processes. We also manually intervene on occasion to make sure the AI fine tuned and that there are no hiccups.
    It typically takes 3-4 days for us to implement the AI into your company. This is the initial learning phase, it may take some time for us to fine tune and optimise. It will take no longer than a month to have you AI working at 100% optimal capacity.
    This is dependent on your industry, so we would require some further information. However, lets take life insurance as an example. Recently we automated a clients entire sales process by integrating the AI with a quotation system. The AI is able to find out the relevant details from a customer, send them into a quotation system, provide the quote to the customer and have them signed up to the service, all in real time, all via SMS, email, chat widget or Facebook messenger. (Without any need for human interaction)
    Pricing varies based on the client requirements. However, once you have purchased your license, that is it, there are no hidden fees and we provide all the support you need. Contact us for your custom quotation.

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